after this world ends, 2020, 6 panel digital comic

This comic was made as part of the Mitchell Art Gallery Artist Exchange Program in the summer of 2020. It explores the ideas of capitalism as apocalyptic, how we might live outside of capitalism, and what that transition might look like.

search, 2018, 10 page hand-bound zine

search was made using the search feature in google photos. The feature allows you to search your entire library of photos for keywords like grass or sky. The algorithm sorts through your photos, showing you whichever ones it interprets as your search term. I was interested in the instances of misinterpretation or confusion of this feature. Each image presented is a misinterpretation by the feature, alongside the key word it was assigned by the algorithm. I’m interested in the absurdity, shortcomings and politics that comes along with evolving technologies under capitalism, especially as they become more and more ingrained into our lives. I want to question the assumed authority and correctness of these technologies, and the assumptions that they aren’t political.

untitled, 2018, Screenprint on cotton, wax casting

I’m interested in the ways that abstraction can be employed by trans artists, specifically to question the categorization of our bodies.

various illustrations

In my illustration, I find myself revisiting the idea of bodies and biology as malleable and fluid. I want to disrupt the model of binary sex and gender. I approach this in a lot of ways, through literal representation of people outside these categories, through playing with and skewing biological imagery or through presenting bodies as literally malleable.